Dr. Thai was born in Miami Florida. He was the first child in his family to be born in the United States of America. Dr. Thai has devoted his life to changing the way Doctors treat nerve damage. He has pioneered a process that can help reverse and repair damaged tissues and nerves without surgery and without medications. He continues to break new boundaries in his research and practice by helping hopeless patients regain their quality of life back. Dr. Thai and his staff at the Advanced Nerve and Laser Center work tirelessly everyday to give their patients the gift of life. Dr. Thai's motto is "We think outside the trapezoid." Dr. Thai has helped thousands of North Texans reverse their nerve damaged when all else has failed.

Services: As a neuropathy (aka nerve damage) specialist, Dr. Thai see's patient's that have it from causes that range from: diabetes, chemotherapy, because of surgery, from spinal stenosis, disc problems, circulation issues, heart problems, viral, medication driven, and many more. His process involves no surgery and no medications. It simply helps create an environment where the body can speed up its repair process of the damaged areas.

Education & Training: Dr. Thai spend his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. He then went on to obtain his doctorate at the Parker University. Dr. Thai has been practicing for over 10 years now. His experience has stretched from being a director of a process called Manipulation to Anesthesia to treating athletes and celebrities.


3941 FM 2181 Corinth, Texas, TX 76210

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