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G. Lewis Veneers with Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewisvideo

Veneers are a thin shell, somewhat like contact lenses, that go over the teeth. They are made to change the shape and the color of the teeth. The veneers are put right over the tooth so that the tooth is not reduced in anyway. It is smoothed right around the gum line. There is generally no irritation so there is no need for numbing or drilling on the teeth. Once they are bonded onto the teeth, they become hard and last a long time. Doctor Guy Lewis has patients from 30 years ago that still have great veneers.
Smile Makeover – Ed’s Storyvideo

Watch Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewis talk about improving Ed's smile with just a couple of visits. Ed was encouraged by his wife to improve the health and appearance of his teeth as a preventative measure for other health issues. Watch Ed talk about how Dr. Lewis was able to transform his smile completely and improve his quality of life.
Patient First Philosophyvideo

Dr. Guy M. Lewis discuss his philosophy for patient care, and how he always makes their needs his top priority so they can get the smile they want.
Smile Makeover – Sherri’s Storyvideo

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy M. Lewis talk about the Smile Makeover procedure. Sherri had straight teeth, but had extreme sensitivity and wanted to make her teeth whiter.
Smile Makeover – Ken’s Storyvideo

Watch Dr. Guy M. Lewis talk about treating Ken wasn't happy with the way his teeth looked. After doing some research, he chose to fly in from out of town to have Dr. Lewis correct his smile.
Smile Makeover – Sandy’s Storyvideo

Over time, Sandy noticed her teeth weren't as nice as they used to be. Watch as she talks about her experience with Dr. Lewis and how proud she is of her new smile.
Smile Makeover for Wounded Warriorsvideo

James was on patrol when an IED was detonated, giving him a skull fracture. Watch James talk about how Dr. Lewis was able to help him get his smile back.