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Watch Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Annie Varughese talk about cardiomyopathy. John was an active man and enjoyed exercising frequently, but he developed coronary disease very early on and had a heart attack. Watch John talk about how Dr. Varughese was able to help him regain better heart health and continue to live life to the fullest.
Severe Carotid Stenosisvideo

Bobbi was feeling dizzy so she went in for a check-up. An ultrasound revealed she had large amounts of plaque build up in her carotid arterties. Watch as Cardiologist Dr. Annie Varughese talks about the signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment options for severe carotid stenosis.
Cardiomyopathy Treatmentvideo

Steven was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and cardiomyopathy by Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Annie Varughese. Watch as she talks about why Steven needed a heart pump and how it has helped saved his life.
Do all heart attacks come with chest pain?video

Dr. Annie Varughese answers the question, "Do all heart attacks come with chest pain?"
Signs of a Heart Attackvideo

Dr. Richard Honaker talks about the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.
Carotid Stentvideo

Dr. Annie Varughese talk about a way to treat carotid artery disease.
Heart Disease in Womenvideo

Dr. Annie Varughese talks about the dangers of heart disease in women.
Coronary Heart Diseasevideo

Dr. Annie Varughese explains how coronary disease can grow into a life threatening situation and how it is treated.
Valvular Diseasevideo

Dr. Annie Varughese with the Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center talks about valvular disease.