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Chronic Sinusitisvideo

Watch as Dr. C.T. Nguyen helps Dr. Castleberry overcome his inability to breathe through his nose.
Inability to Breathe and Nasal Congestionvideo

Aryn was constantly struggling to breathe while on the baseball field. After visiting Dr. CT Nguyen at Houston Sinus and Allergy, Aryn learned his deviated septum was a cause for his inability to breathe. Watch Dr. Nguyen talk about how Aryn's surgery helped change his life.
Nasal Congestionvideo

Barry was having severe nasal congestion issues that Dr. C.T. Nguyen was able to relieve.
Turbinate Reduction and Sinuplastyvideo

Dr. CT Nguyen with Houston Sinus and Allergy talk about the Turbinate Reduction and Sinuplasty procedures. Alondra had an ongoing sinus infection that would not go away. She was no longer able to breathe through her nose because her sinuses were completely blocked. Watch Dr. Nguyen explain how he the turbinate reduction and sinuplasty were able to open up her sinus walls so she could breathe normally.