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G. Lewis Veneers with Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewisvideo

Veneers are a thin shell, somewhat like contact lenses, that go over the teeth. They are made to change the shape and the color of the teeth. The veneers are put right over the tooth so that the tooth is not reduced in anyway. It is smoothed right around the gum line. There is generally no irritation so there is no need for numbing or drilling on the teeth. Once they are bonded onto the teeth, they become hard and last a long time. Doctor Guy Lewis has patients from 30 years ago that still have great veneers.
Smile Lift with Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewisvideo

Carol had been a patient of Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewis for several years, and started to notice that her teeth were aging and she was losing whiteness. Watch Dr. Guy Lewis describe how our teeth wear down over time, and it can bring our nose and chin closer together. This can cause a distortion in the profile of one's face. Together, they decided to perform a Smile Lift, a dental procedure that opens up the bite and makes the teeth a little bit longer. This procedure can actually make you look years younger as well as improving your smile. Learn more on the Best Docs Network.
G. Lewis Veneers with Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewisvideo

Patient Kayla had always dreamed of having a radiant smile that would light up a room. Unfortunately, she wasn't happy with how her smile...
Ask The Doctor with Dr. Guy Lewis – Whats the difference between Veneers & Crowns?video

Watch as Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewis answers the question, "Whats the difference between Veneers & Crowns?"